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Advanced Wastewater Treatment SystemNot every septic installation project is straightforward. At Tampa Bay Septic, there are many projects where we must install a septic system on a difficult property, meaning that the customer either lives near water, like in a lake house, or the property is too small for lateral lines. In some cases, our customers simply want a greener system for their property.

When tasked with developing an advanced wastewater treatment system, we often recommend the innovative Singulair Green system from Norweco. This is currently one of the best advanced wastewater treatment systems on the market today, and it will deliver years of reliable performance.

Aerobic vs. Anerobic Systems

In any septic system, you need bacteria to break down the wastewater and safely return it to nature. Most septic systems can’t break down wastewater efficiently because no aerobic bacteria are present. The Singulair Green system comes with a central tank with an electromechanical aerator, which allows air into the septic tank and promotes helpful bacteria growth.

An Innovative 3-in-1 Design

The Singulair Green system follows a three-step process to treat wastewater.

  1. Pretreatment—Wastewater from the home goes into the first chamber, where contaminants are removed and the solids settle to the bottom.
  2. Aeration—The wastewater then flows to the second chamber, where it gets mixed with oxygen and aerobic bacteria start to break down the waste.
  3. Filtration and clarification—The wastewater travels to the third chamber as an odorless, clean liquid and eventually makes its way through a filter to be safely absorbed by surrounding soil.

Why We Like the Singular Green System

We highly recommend the Singulair Green system to many homeowners because the tank is incredibly durable, operating the system is inexpensive, and the system’s electrical components don’t pose a risk to children and pets. With this system, you don’t have to worry about overloading it with larger surges of liquids and solids, and installing it is a relatively quick and easy process. To find out more, contact us today!

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