3 Tips for Avoiding Toilet Backups

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3 Tips for Avoiding Toilet BackupsWhen you rely on a septic system, you understand that a toilet backup can be much more problematic than a problem with a toilet that is connected to a municipal plumbing system. When something is clogging your toilet, it has to be removed, and that can be a difficult process. Here at Tampa Bay Septic, we understand the importance of a reliable and fast solution for your toilet backup. We will come quickly to do the dirty work for you. You can trust us to be efficient, thorough, fair, and courteous.

While we know we can provide reliable solutions for your toilet backup, we also know the best-case scenario is to avoid the backup to begin with. There are certain measures that can be taken to help you in your efforts.

  1. Keep a trash can by the toilet – For everyone’s convenience, make sure there is a small trash can within reach of the toilet so that sanitary products, wipes, and other non-flushables can be disposed of quickly, but not in your septic system.
  2. Hang a sign – If you have guests in your home, a small sign posted within view of the toilet can help your visitors know what to avoid without needing a lecture before using the restroom.
  3. Check cleaning products – Not all toilet cleaners are septic safe. Read your cleaning products carefully before using them on septic-reliant plumbing.

If all fails, and you do have a toilet backup issue, don’t hesitate to call us for quick and reliable solutions.