4 Key Signs That You Need Septic Repair

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The functionality of your septic system is critical to many of your daily tasks. You may be able to get by without getting the needed repairs for a short while, but if you put them off, you’re likely to pay with bigger problems and a bigger price. Here are a few key signs to watch for that likely mean a septic repair is needed soon:

  1. Slow drains – If you have multiple sinks that are draining slowly, there’s a good chance the problem isn’t the sinks, but with the septic system. This is also the case if your tubs and showers are draining slowly.

4 Key Signs That You Need Septic Repair

  1. Sewage smell – Foul smells are not only unpleasant, but an important indicator that you should pay attention to. We’ll gladly come out to find the cause and make the needed repairs.
  2. Marshy or bright green grass – Increased water, especially septic water, leaking from your system will cause the impacted area of your yard to grow quickly and bright green.
  3. High nitrate in water – If you use well water, it is recommended that you get your water tested every year. If the water is high in nitrate, you should call us for septic repair.
  4. System backup – When your system is backing up, you can rely on our experience to make sure we find the issue and get it repaired quickly.

When it comes to experience, we are well prepared to help with any septic repairs you may need. Whether it be with your tank, drain field, or any part of your system, you can count on high-quality work and genuine, honest service. We also have emergency hours, so no matter when you need septic repair, give us a call.