FAQs about Septic Systems [infographic]

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At Tampa Bay Septic, we started our company with the mission in mind to provide the ultimate in customer service to those in the Tampa, Florida area. As part of that commitment, we do our best to educate our customers so they can best avoid the need for septic repair or premature replacement. To provide answers to those that who may not be familiar with a septic system as a new homeowner, we put together these FAQs about septic systems.

FAQs about Septic Systems [infographic]

  • How often should I have a septic inspection? Think of your septic system as you would your health. An annual checkup is a wise idea to be sure there isn’t something going on that needs prompt attention. The same is true for septic systems, so we recommend annual inspections.
  • How can I avoid a septic backup? As is the case with anything you own, regular maintenance is key. In addition, we can provide you with education regarding what things you should not introduce to the septic system, such as anything that is not biodegradable.
  • How can I tell if I need septic repair? There are a few signs to be watchful for, including slow drains throughout your home, odors inside or in the yard, lush grass over the drain field, sogginess around the septic system, and a sunken area by the septic system.
  • What are the dangers of a failed drain field? The drain field is responsible for filtering effluent that comes from the septic tank. It is filled with contaminants that you do not want entering the soil or groundwater, so taking care of your drain field is critical.
  • What should I do if I’m buying a house with a septic system? Call us to schedule a septic inspection before you close on the house so any problems can be addressed while you can still negotiate with the seller to get them to cover all or part of the repair or replacement costs.

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