How to Avoid Drain Field Repair

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Your drain field plays a critical role in the functionality of your septic system. When water is released from your septic tank, the drain field is used to manage the waste and impurities that come with it. Without a drain field, your septic tank would overflow, creating a smelly mess in your yard. In order for your drain field to perform as it should, there are a few things you should avoid:

  • Never build or plant on a drain field: Any construction or planting done on a drain field can cause damage to pipes and create obstructions to accessing important parts of your septic system during a drain field repair.

How to Avoid Drain Field Repair

  • Never park a vehicle on your drain field: When heavy machinery is driven or parked on a drain field, damage is likely to occur. If a pipe is broken, you will end up with backup issues that will need to be serviced right away.
  • Never ignore indications of a problem: If you notice bright green grass, excessive water, or unusual foul smells near your drain field, there is a good chance there is a problem that will require drain field repair. It is in your best interest to not ignore the issue, but to seek service quickly in order to catch any problems as early as possible.

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