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During an inspection, we’ll check your septic tank water level.

When your property relies on a septic system to store and process waste, that system includes a tank. The tank is where the liquid and solid waste is stored after it moves through the drains within the home. Solid waste stays behind and forms layers, called sludge, while the liquid waste moves to the top of the tank. It is treated and moves out to the drain field, where it goes back into the soil. If the septic tank water level rises too high, it can back up, resulting in a seriously unpleasant situation on your property. This situation can also lead to drain backups within your home.

Septic Tank Water Level in Spring Hill, Florida

In order to protect your property and prevent sewage backups, it’s important to keep track of the septic tank water level. Every property owner with a septic system should be aware of certain maintenance tasks and ways to prevent damage to the system. Your system should be inspected and maintained by a skilled septic professional at least once a year. If you’re located in the Spring Hill, Florida area, you can rely on our team at Tampa Bay Septic to perform your inspections. During an inspection, we’ll check the septic tank water level. If the level is too high, we can talk to you about your options to protect the tank and reduce the risk of a backup.

All of our septic services are handled by skilled and experienced technicians. We can also take care of other septic needs that may arise on your property, including installations, replacements, and repairs.

At Tampa Bay Septic, we can check septic tank water levels in Tampa, Brandon, Clearwater, Palm Harbor, and Spring Hill, Florida.

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