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We can address and repair the causes of your septic backup.

A septic system is an efficient and effective way for many properties to take care of their waste and wastewater. Unlike a city sewer system, a septic system treats waste right on your property, making it possible for many people to build their property where they would like to be regardless of city hookups. Here at Tampa Bay Septic, we want to help with all the issues that can arise from septic ownership, one of which is septic backups.

Septic Backup in Spring Hill, Florida

A septic backup is when part of your septic system is blocked, causing waste, wastewater or both to have nowhere else to go but back up the line. Sometimes this can be a small issue, while other times it can be a terrible mess. Whichever type of septic backup you experience, it is essential that you have the issue repaired immediately.

Septic backups occur occasionally to even the most diligent septic homeowners in the Spring Hill, Florida area. Many causes of septic backups are preventable, but there are some that you might not have any control over. For example, if you have tree roots that have grown into your drain field or septic system, then you might experience a septic backup even after doing everything else right.

Here at Tampa Bay Septic, we can help you prevent septic backups whenever possible as well as address existing ones. Our team of experts is ready to assist you with repairs and prevention of septic backups in the Tampa area when you need us most. For more information or if you think you have a clogged line in your septic system, please contact us today.

FAQs About Septic Backups

Nobody looks forward to a septic backup, but many people do not realize that with a few questions, they can usually avoid having one happen. At Tampa Bay Septic, while we can certainly assist you if you experience a septic backup at your Spring Hill, Florida home, our passion lies in helping you avoid backups entirely. We are always happy to answer your questions so you have a better chance of preventing septic backups. Here are a few common questions:

Can landscaping cause septic backups?

Yes, so you should avoid planting anything with a deep root system anywhere near your septic tank or drainfield. Ideally, do not plant anything that requires a great deal of moisture. Work with a landscaper who is familiar with designing landscapes that will not cause septic problems. If you already have plants and trees in place, consider having them transplanted elsewhere if need be.

What items should I avoid flushing down my drains?

Take care to not send anything to your septic tank that won’t decompose readily. Avoid chemicals, anti-bacterial products, FOGSs (fats, oils, and grease), baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, facial tissue, and paper towels, for example. The less you put into the toilet and down the drains, the less likely it is that you’ll experience a clog or septic backup. 

At Tampa Bay Septic, we can assist with septic backup problems in Tampa, Brandon, Clearwater, Palm Harbor, and Spring Hill, Florida.

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