5 Signs It's Time for Septic Tank Pumping

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It is important to regularly schedule an appointment for septic tank pumping. Neglecting to do this can result in an overflowing tank, backup in your drains, or damage to your septic system. To help you know when to schedule this important appointment, here are five signs to help you know when it’s time for septic tank pumping:

  1. It Has Been Three or More Years Since Your Last Appointment. The frequency that pumping is needed depends on the size of your tank, the amount of waste entering the tank, the type of system, and the size of your household. We usually suggest pumping your septic tank every three to five years, but with these added details, we can help you better determine the best timing for your system. 5 Signs It’s Time for Septic Tank Pumping
  2. Sewage Backup. If your tank overfills, it will back up into the drains in your house. This is a dangerous and unhealthy situation. Regular pumping will prevent this problem. But if it happens to you, give us a call immediately.
  3. Strong Odors. If you notice a strong smell around the area of your tank, it is almost always a sign of an overfilled tank. If the smell is indoors, it can be a sign of a clog in your drains or that your septic tank needs to be pumped.
  4. Standing Water or Changes in Your Lawn. If your tank is overfilled, you may notice puddles in your yard around the area of your septic tank. If your lawn seems to be greener or your grass is growing faster, this may be because of excess liquid from your tank seeping into the soil.
  5. Alert System. Some septic systems have an alarm system that will sound or light up if the tank needs to be pumped. If you are interested in an alert system, this is an easy addition to your septic system.

At Tampa Bay Septic, we want to help you keep your septic system running smoothly with regular septic tank pumping.  If any of these signs describe your situation, we suggest giving us a call.  We can schedule an appointment right away.

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