Septic Tanks: Myth vs. Fact

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Over the years, our team at Tampa Bay Septic has encountered a variety of misconceptions about septic tanks, which have unfortunately led some people to make poor decisions about maintaining their own systems.

Septic Tanks: Myth vs. Fact

We want to help you take the best care of your system, so we have put together this article to correct some of the most common myths about septic tanks.

  • Myth: You won’t have to get your tank pumped as often if you use additives.
    Fact: All septic tanks contain beneficial bacteria which break down solid wastes, making more room. It’s possible to find products marketed as septic additives, which claim to contain extra bacteria and enzymes to improve the breakdown process and reduce or even eliminate the need for tank pumping. These products are extremely hit-and-miss, so we encourage you to avoid them altogether and instead use regular pumping services.
  • Myth: Septic systems need to be “seeded” in order to begin working.
    Fact: One of the most puzzling myths we have heard about septic tanks is that they need to be “seeded” with extra organic material, such as yeast or manure, in order to begin working. In reality, “seeding” is completely unnecessary—just start using your tank, and the process will start on its own.
  • Myths: The maximum lifespan for septic tanks is 20 years.
    Fact: With proper care and maintenance, many septic systems can last much longer than two decades. Our team will help you keep your system in excellent condition so it will last as long as possible.

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