How to Prevent a Toilet Backup

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How to Prevent a Toilet BackupOur team at Tampa Bay Septic has extensive experience in the septic industry, and we are more than familiar with all the different issues that can affect your tank and plumbing. For example, one of the most common issues we get called about is toilet backup—which, for those of you lucky enough never to have experienced it, involves sewage coming back up through your pipes and into the toilet.

Obviously, this is an issue you want to avoid, so our team has put together this article to go over a few things you can do to prevent your toilets from backing up.

  • Be Careful What You Flush – One of the main reasons why toilet backups occur is because someone in the home flushed something they shouldn’t have. The only things that should ever go down your toilet are waste, water, and toilet paper. Don’t trust labels that say wipes are “flushable,” and never flush sanitary pads or other materials.
  • Get Your Tank Pumped – Another common cause of toilet backup are septic tanks becoming too full. Solid waste remains in your septic tank until it is removed via pumping, and if you wait too long between pumping appointments, the tank will fill up and become at risk of overflowing. When septic tanks overflow, the sewage can rise back up into the drains in your home. Fortunately, getting your tank pumped on a predictable, recurring schedule will prevent this issue.
  • Flush Twice if Necessary – Many low-flow toilets back up because they don’t use enough water to carry all the waste or toilet paper down into your tank. If you have a low-flow toilet, try to reduce the amount of paper you use to prevent toilet backup and flush twice if necessary to fully clear the bowl and drain.

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